Pest identification

On Wednesday, August 15th at 6:00pm, Sandy Feather will lead a hands-on, interactive pest walth through the South Side Community Garden at Bandi Shaum Fieldwhere we can see damage to the plants and often the  organism causing the damage. We will discuss non-chemical controls such  as using floating row covers, delayed planting times, and growing  resistant varieties when they are available. We will also discuss using  horticultural oil, insecticidal soap, botanical insecticides and  bio-rational fungicides such as Serenade. Sandy is the commercial  horticulture educator with Penn State Extension of Allegheny County.


  1. I was wondering where I can get some tansy or nasturium seeds or seedlings to repel the cucumber beetle. Any info let me know, Thanks!

  2. Flea bettles are devouring my collards in plot 64! I sprayed Ortho Insecticide for Organic Gardening on the leaves twice, but it didn’t help. Any help with this issue will be greatly appreciated!


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