Free Tomato Plants

By the way, if you know anyone who wants/needs tomato plants, please send  them my way.  We inherited a plot from last year with trillions  (conservative estimate) of tomato plant volunteers and I can’t bear to pull any  of them!!
– Kathleen, plot #57


  1. Plot 33 (Mary-Michael and Robert)

    Thank you for the tomatoes. We planted them. I can’t wait to see which variety we are surprised with!

  2. Hi Kathleen,

    Please do leave some plants for me if you have leftovers; I was at the garden this morning and did miss them, so if you could, I’d be grateful if you could place my name and number on them? I’ll find them wherever you leave them if my plot number is on there (54)

    I think I totally picked up someone else’s plants I by mistake! I need to come back directly after work at 5pm to return the babies to their proper parents. I’ll take any and all orphans so they don’t end up in the compost bin. Thank you again!

    • Too bad I just saw this now… it’s 6:15p!…. I’m making dinner so my husband and daughter rran up to the garden to (hopefully) catch you and give you some plants directly. If you’re not there, they will dig up some plants anyway and leave them for you in a box. My daughter made a little sign with your number on it, and they are planning to put that on/near your plot.

      If you’d like more, please let me know — we need to thin out many, many more. If you’d like, we can try to coordinate a meeting time to exchange them directly (so the plants won’t wilt), if you’re comfortable emailing me with your phone # or email address. My email addy is Otherwise, let me know here how many more you can take, and we’ll take our chances with digging them and leaving them for you again — no problem. Thanks again for taking some of these plants — I’m not sure which are which, but I know this plot last year had Sun Sugar (?) (the sweet orange cherry tomatoes) and other heirloom tomatoes (including San Marzano and, I think, Cherokee Reds) so you should get a nice mix. :)

  3. Amy #54 — we moved the plants from the blackboard area to a shadier spot. We will also be clearing out MORE plants from our garden, probably later today…if you’ll be around, I can give them to you directly for transplanting. If not, I can group some plants for you and put a sign with your name & plot # on it (so you can identify which plants are OK to take; we put our orphans near some of the plants that our neighbor ‘adopted’). THANK YOU for taking some!! :)

  4. I dont need too many. I just need to fill in that center area in the plot. I’m think maybe 3-4 would be great.

    • Just got back from the garden. We put five plants (in case one doesn’t make it) near your #33 stake. Hope they will be in good shape when you arrive later!

      ANYONE ELSE WANTING PLANTS: There are dozens of plants near the blackboard. I don’t have enough individual containers, so we clumped them together on trays and watered them. I hope they will still be good if anyone wants them. It’s a bit untidy — sorry — we can put them in the compost bin after a day or two if no one claims them.

      • Thank you Kathleen – I am plant poor, so I will do my part to save the orphans by giving them a new home! Thanks for the notice, I’ll have a such a gorgeous crazy quilt this summer . Amy # 54

      • UPDATE to this update: plants have been removed (too sunny) — we will go back tomorrow (Sunday) and clean the dirt from the area. We will clear some more plants this week, so if anyone else would like plants, post here or email me at to let me know — we’ll set some aside for you when we clear!

  5. I still have space but won’t be back up until Saturday evening. I’ll get them if they’re still there.

  6. Kathleen here. Please email me at if you are interested. Thanks!

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