Garden Meeting Minutes, 6/12

Bandi Shaum Community Garden meeting minutes, 6/12/13

Welcome to our first BSCG general meeting of the season!  We had a marvelous turnout and lots of good questions and information.

  • Water situation:
    • Water buffaloes and rain barrels are in place and hooked up
      • Rain barrel design contest has been extended to July 4th.  Entry forms are in the shed in shoe box.  If we need extra copies, contact Carla Garfield
  • Some difficulties with water lines; spigot one is operational, others are leaking; city has been notified
  • When people leave the garden, they need to check that the water is shut off
  • Fruit trees will not have an irrigation system; drainage is poor
  • Grow Pittsburgh purchased a garden wagon for people to cart water from the water spigots to their plots. It’s in the shed and has been assembled
  • Tilling and amendment plans for infield
    • Infield has since been tilled and horse manure added.  Grow Pittsburgh will till a second time and then seed cover crop. There will be pathways between the cover crop so gardeners have easy access to water buffaloes.
    • What are the plans for the infield?  Allow space for large groups in front of covered area (home plate).  Seeking volunteers for site planning group
    • Fruit Tree Planting Foundation
      • New fruit trees will not be planted until it’s certain that the current ones will survive the poor drainage
      • Herbs, etc. should be delivered by Cem of FTPF this month
      • There are a number of weeds in the guilds that should be taken care of by the Fruit Tree Tenders volunteer group.  Leader?
      • Bulletin Board
        • City Growers is purchasing and providing the bulletin board. We’re just waiting to hear back from the Art Commission about whether or not we can hang it on the shed
        • Post garden guidelines and procedures for using new water spigots
        • Post calendar; one will be posted on the bulletin board, but…
          • Gardeners are encouraged to use the Bandi Shaum Blog ( for the latest information, including the calendar. Bandi Shaum also has a Facebook page.
          • Shed
            • When will it be painted?
            • Who will paint it?
              • Should use anti-mildew paint or product
  • Shelves have been added
  • Inventory has been created (add to binder)
  • Binder Needs to contain volunteer lists for volunteer group contacts
  • Unused plots and non-volunteers
    • A plot forfeiture and reassignment process is in place.
      • Renee Ralke is the liaison with the city.
      • The city has been notified of which plots are vacant and has sent letters to those involved with a June 17th planting deadline.  After that date, vacant lots will be reassigned.
      • It has been suggested that next year, this deadline needs to be advanced by two weeks; a request will be made to the city.
      • Current waiting list is about 30 gardeners
      • New gardeners will be assigned to volunteer positions
      • Gardeners who do not sign up for a volunteer task or who do not fulfill their volunteer requirements will be required to forfeit their plots for the 2013-2014 season
      • Lawn mower
        • Unless a gas mower (there is no electric outlet at the garden) is donated, gardeners who signed up to mow will need to bring their own mowers
        • If a mower is donated, it will be housed in the shed.
        • Pathways
          • Mulched pathways between plots are required per the garden guidelines. Another round of mulch has been scheduled to be delivered to the garden for paths.
          • Gardeners may not plant over the pathways
          • Weeds should be removed from paths by adjoining gardeners
          • Availability of more mulch to cover pathways?  Source?
          • Perimeter
            • Garden members are permitted to plant along the fence perimeter but must be aware that all items planted along the perimeter are communal.  In other words, the fruits of these plantings (though not the plantings themselves) are available to all Bandi Shaum gardeners.
            • The gardeners who planted these plants must care for them, i.e. pruning, harvesting, weeding, or they may be removed.
            • Hardy kiwis were planted along the fence near the shelter and should yield fruit in a couple of years
            • We need volunteers to patch some of the holes in the perimeter wire that were created during the water installation process.  Screening is in the shed.
            • Gardeners’ input is sought for ideas for exterior perimeter.  WPC and community organizations will need to be consulted, as well.
            • Upcoming Events
              • Tricia and Brennan are eager to plan our social events for the year.  Suggestions?
              • All meetings take place the first Wednesday of the month except July’s, which will be on the 10th, due to the holiday.


  1. Plot 33 (Mary-Michael and Robert)

    Community Activty Suggestion.

    Could I plan a children’s art social?

    M. Medlin

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