Grow Pittsburgh’s sustainability survey results for Bandi Schaum

Grow Pittsburgh provided us with some great information and recommendations based on results from their Community Garden Sustainability Survey we took earlier in the season. The report shows how we stack up against Grow Pittsburgh’s criteria for successful garden stewardship and growth. Here is the Grow Pittsburgh letter and attached report:

Dear South Side Community Garden at Bandi Schaum Field,

As part of the application process for the Community Garden Sustainability Fund, you filled out Grow Pittsburgh’s Community Garden Sustainability Survey.

Attached is your report from the survey, which includes a sustainability score, personalized recommendations, and complete list of the survey questions with your answers.

Since this tool is still in the pilot stages, we’d love to hear your feedback! If you have a second, please let us know:

-What was most helpful about the report you received?
-How could we improve the survey or report?

Thank you so much for the time you took to complete the survey. We hope this report proves useful to your garden in planning for the future.

The City Growers team

Click on the link  for the report:  Grow Pittsburgh Report 2014

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