ACGA’s vision statement is “A Sustainable Garden in Every Community”. What does that mean, when a garden comes into the community?

• It brings about sustainability
• Cleans up vacant lots
• Brings in good nutritional food
• Provides a place …

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Spring Cleaning

The dates for the Spring Earth Day Weekend Redd Up will be April19-20-21. Earth Day 2013 is Monday, April 22. Friday will be the day when school kids pick up litter on and around their campuses. Saturday will be the biggest cleanup day. Keep your eyes and ears peeled for …

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Powdery Mildew

From Fine Gardening magazine comes this suggestion to get rid of powdery mildew:

1 part whole milk + 2 parts water.  Spray on affected foliage every week or two.  Avoid using on edibles, because milk spoils.  You may notice a faint sour smell days after spraying and a residue, which …

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