Buggy about bugs?

Pest Identification & Organic Control session, right in our garden!

6:00 pm Wednesday, Aug 15th    South Side Community Garden, The Bandi Schaum Field off Mission St, Pittsburgh

An interactive pest ID walk through the community garden. Learn about non-chemical controls such as floating row covers, planting times, & resistant varieties. …

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Wanted: Harvest Yield Trackers

Tracking produce yields at the community garden is an easy way to impress your fellow neighbors, council representatives, media, and most importantly, potential funders. When applying for garden grants, it’s important to be able to provide quantities that show how much food the garden can produce and how many mouths …

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Help a Neighbor in Need: Become a Food Bank Rep!

Hello Gardeners,

Now that plants are thriving and producing like crazy, we need to start thinking about what to do with excess produce.  Luckily, The Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank has multiple food pantries conveniently located in the South Side that are in need of fresh produce.

It would be …

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Buggy Bugs

In response to recent questions, here are some suggestions from our friends at Grow Pittsburgh:
Flea beetles are a tough one.  The best practice is to prevent them in the first place with barriers like row cover.  Once the population is established, the only organic thing to do is …

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