Volunteering at the Garden

As a gardener at Bandi Schaum Community Garden, we ask everyone to dedicate some time outside of their plot gardening work to contribute to the overall maintenance and management of the garden grounds, operations, etc.

Gardeners: Email the steering committee if you have questions or concerns about volunteering.

We’re in our 6th year in the community garden. After much trial and error regarding “how to organize volunteering,” we’ve decided to simplify. Beginning this season (2018), you will find a poster in the shed that has suggestions for things you can do when you have some extra time. They will include things like cutting the grass, maintaining the perimeter, to mention a few.

If you have a special talent that you think would benefit the garden, please feel free to reach out! Or, if you are the type of person who wants a specific volunteer job, please let us know and  you can pick one! We trust that all gardeners are doing their part, as they are able.

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